5 Home Remedies for Head Ache

One challenging health problem is a head ache. The most common types are the migraines that cause aching pain or throbbing on one side of your head and tension headache which causes dull pain on both sides of your head and throbbing pain on the forehead. The best way to deal with chronic headaches is by managing them with home remedies instead of taking painkillers. Remember that chronic headaches can be triggered by many factors, including, weather changes, stress, food and hormones. However, these triggers will only hurt you if you’re genetically disposed.

Painkillers may work initially, but if you’re a chronic sufferer, you will develop tolerance, meaning you will have to take more of these pills. It may reach a point where if you don’t take the medicine, headaches will occur, an occurrence known as rebound headaches. Home remedies ensure you avoid this condition. Genetic chronic headaches are as a result of serotonin deficiency, which cause changes in the physiology of pain receptors, blood vessels and other elements in our brain to produce a headache. Below we look at 5 best home remedies for headaches.

1. Chamomile, Lavender or Peppermint Oil for (Tension Headache)

For a tension headache, you should remember the primary objective is to relax your blood vessels. You can achieve that by applying lavender, chamomile or peppermint oils externally or by inhaling them using steam. Add one drop of any of these essential oils into two drops of olive, almond or any carrier oil.

You should then mix the solution well and rub it on the affected areas. Alternatively, you sprinkle one drop of any of these essential oils in a tissue and proceed to inhale the fragrance until it stops. Another tip is to add 3 drops of one of the above oils into a warm bath to get instant relief from tension head ache.

2. Use Ice Cubes

You can choose to use ice cubes or anything ice cold to reduce headaches. For example, you can wrap ice cubes on a reusable ice bag or cotton and use them to reduce pain. Make sure you wrap the ice cold item or ice cubes in thin cloth or paper item to protect your skin and avoid doing it continuously for more than 15 minutes to avoid damaging your skin.

The purpose of using ice cubes is to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels, which reduces pressure on the body nerves that activate the pain receptor. Apply cold ice during the early stages of a migraine, which will give a faster better head ache control and pain relief.

3. Consume Water and Fiber Foods for Headaches Caused By Constipation

One big trigger for chronic headaches is constipation, which means you should consume a balanced diet full of fiber. The reason is if you eat the right food and consume enough water, you will prevent constipation, which means you won’t suffer from headaches.

Make sure you eat plenty of grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables each day and drink a lot of water. Remember that foods such as some cheese products, fish, poultry and meat contain the chemical Tyramine, which is closely related to triggering headaches.

4. Drink Ginger Tea

One wonderful herb that cures many disease and conditions is ginger. If you’re suffering from a tension headache, you should consider drinking ginger tea, which reduces stress. For the best outcome, grate one teaspoon of clean and fresh ginger.

You should then add two liters of water and boil it with the grated ginger to make ginger tea. Ginger tea will work on your nerves are reduce stress on them, meaning relief from headaches.

5. Consume Foods Rich in Vitamin B6

Another excellent home remedy for dealing with a headache is by eating foods that contain Vitamin B6, which is important for several body functions that include proper maintenance of the immune system, nervous system and red blood cells metabolism. It also stabilizes any serotonin deficiency that can cause headaches.

Among the best sources of Vitamin B6 include fishes, nuts, sunflower seeds and Pistachio nuts. In the case you’re experiencing headaches, consume these nuts. Make sure you eat a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, nuts; fish and water to ensure you get relief.


The above home remedies for a head ache should make it easier and comfortable for you to get relief. Remember that your diet will help you in dealing with tension headaches, which means you, should ensure you consume enough water, take foods rich in Vitamin B6 and drink ginger tea. For fast relief, make sure you use ice cubes and chamomile, lavender or peppermint oil for (a tension headache).

However, if none of these home remedies works, there may be other reasons for the head ache, which means you should seek medical treatment. Avoid the urge to take painkillers, since your body may develop tolerance, which means you will need to take them continually to prevent headaches from occurring.