Skin Care Benefits of Coffee Grinds

Many people need their morning cup of coffee to begin their day. Coffee can do more than just wake a person up in the morning. It turns out that coffee grinds have many skin care benefits. Coffee grinds have many benefits when they are used for skin care. They can do anything from reduce the appearance of fine lines to tighten up areas of cellulite. Make sure you use a good coffee grinder that can finely grind the coffee beans so that your coffee tastes amazing. You can use  Victoria Arduino in UAE for this.

These are the five of the amazing skin care benefits of coffee grinds.

1. Exfoliate the Skin

Coffee grinds make a great exfoliate for the skin. They are able to remove dead skin cells. Coffee grinds can be applied to the face. They will leave the face feeling clean and smooth. The grinds will also help prevent the face from becoming dry. A simple scrub can be made with coffee grinds and brown sugar with a little bit of olive oil. This will make the mixture into a paste that can be applied to the skin. All a person needs to do is rinse it off and their skin will be clean and smooth. Coffee grinds alone can be applied to the skin when they are mixed with a little water. This will also help remove the dead skin cells and allow the new and healthy skin to be seen.

2. Soften the Skin

Coffee grinds can be used to help make the skin soft. A simple mixture of coffee grinds, cocoa powder, and a touch of milk can be made into a paste. If the skin is oily yogurt can be used instead of the milk. This mixture is applied right to the skin and allowed to sit for a period of 30 minutes. After this time it is washed off. The skin will be hydrated and will be left feeling softer. This mixture can also help close the pores. This will keep dirt and other debris from getting into the pores and causing acne and breakouts.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Coffee grinds can reduce cellulite on the skin. The caffeine that is found in these grinds is able to dehydrate the fat cells causing cellulite appearance to be reduced and the skin will be left looking smooth. Coffee grinds can be mixed with a little bit of aloe vera and applied to the cellulite. The mixture is massaged into the skin and within minutes the skin will appear to be smoother. The dimples that cellulite creates will also be smoother.

4. Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can make a person look tired and older than they really are. The caffeine in the coffee grinds has anti inflammatory properties that are able to help with this problem. The grinds will help reduce the accumulation of blood under the eyes. There are many professional formulas on the market that contain caffeine and coffee extract to reduce the dark circles under the eyes. Caffeine can also help to restore moisture to the skin to also reduce the appearance of dark circles. Coffee grinds can improve blood flow to this area and the eyes will look healthy again and brighter in no time at all.

5. Tighten the Skin

Coffee grinds are able to help tighten skin that has begun to wrinkle. Caffeine has been known to help reduce the appearance of both fine lines and wrinkles. Coffee grinds can also decrease the appearance of puffiness. Caffeine is the top ingredient in many anti aging products so it makes sense that coffee grinds are able to help the skin look healthy and young. The coffee grinds can be applied to parts of the skin that appear to be wrinkles and in no time the skin will appear to be tighter. As an added benefit caffeine in the coffee grinds can been shown to help reduce the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Now a person can look good and improve their health at the same time.

These are some of the benefits that coffee grinds can provide to the skin. Coffee grinds contain caffeine and this has been shown to help improve the skin in many different areas. Coffee grinds can do more than just make a tasty cup of coffee. Coffee grinds can provide many benefits to the skin as well.

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

Having thick, voluminous and lustrous hair is the dream of every woman. The hair is a significant factor that contributes to the beauty of a woman. It has been noticed that hair loss has become a common problem for both men and women. These days, you will find that men suffer from baldness even at a very early age. The loss of hair in women is caused by modern methods of hair straightening, coloring or curling. The effects of these chemicals are irreversible. However, there are home remedies that can help you regain and maintain healthy hair. They include the following;

Used an avocado

This is a fruit that cannot lack in the kitchen. Avocados have useful nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that restore the natural health of the hair. Mash the avocado and mix with one egg. Apply the mixture to wet hair and then leave it for about twenty minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water. If you repeat this procedure weekly, you will start noticing positive changes after a month or less.

Oil massage your hair

This home remedy has been used for decades. It is a useful home remedy for healthy and shiny hair. You can rub your hair using olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. The oil you choose to use should be warmed and then used to massage the scalp. Stay with the oil for an hour and then wash it off. For better conditioning, leave the oil for overnight. Use of these massaging oils, and especially the olive oil, strengthens the hair roots this avoiding hair breakage.

Use bananas

Bananas are major contributors for healthy hair. These fruits are rich in potassium. These nutrients aid in enhancing the elasticity and the natural health of the hair. The banana is mashed in a bowl and then applied on the hair, starting from the root up to the tip of the hair follicle. Wash the bananas off with a good shampoo after fifteen minutes. This treatment is most recommended for dry hair.

Using eggs

If you want to get soft and silky hair, it is wise to use eggs. There are two different ways that you can do this. First, you can decide to take the yellow part of the egg and use it to massage your head directly. The other method involves making a mixture of the egg yolks, olive oil, and vitamin E oil. In this procedure, you need three egg yolks, one tablespoon of olive oil and two to three drops of vitamin E oil. Apply on your hair and then leave it for about twelve minutes then wash it off. Eggs contribute to healthy hair because they are rich in iron, proteins, phosphorous and zinc. The natural fats in the eggs nourish the hair follicles and strands. The egg vitamins prevent hair fall and also improves its texture. For best results, repeat this procedure weekly.


Honey can work wonders for both the skin and the hair. Honey prevents hair loss and also repairs the damaged hair because of its hydrating properties. Honey also contains antioxidants which prevent free radicals from damaging your scalp. Add two to three drops of honey to your shampoo or hair conditioner and then wash your hair.

Using onion juice

Onion juice is rich in sulfur which boosts collagen production and helps in the regeneration of hair. Take two onions, peel them and chop them into pieces. Blend the sliced pieces and squeeze them to get the juice. This juice should be applied on your scalp with some piece of cotton. Wash the hair with a good shampoo after fifteen minutes. For best results, this procedure should be repeated once a week.

Applying apple cedar vinegar

Using this solution on your scalp cleanses it, the vinegar also balances the PH level of the hair thus ensuring that your hair remains healthy and grows faster than before. All you need is one liter of water and some amount of apple cider vinegar. First, wash your hair using a mixture of water and the apple cider vinegar and then rinse it. Used the vinegar solution as the final rinse any time you wash your hair.

Using green tea

Green tea can help to ensure healthy hair because it has antioxidants which boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. In case you do not have green tea, you can also use other herbal teas such as bamboo tea, sage tea, or the nettle tea because they have similar properties. Keep the tea bags in some hot water for around eight minutes. After warming, apply the green tea on your scalp. Rinse it off with cold water after an hour. Repeat this every time you wash your hair, and you will end up with very healthy hair.

If you apply any of these home remedies, you will have hair that you will be proud of and that every person will admire. Whichever home treatment for healthy hair you choose, you need to ensure that you take a balanced diet and a lot of water.

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

The skin is one of the major contributors to a person’s beauty because it is visible. Everyone wants a radiant, beautiful and glowing skin. However, the skin a person skin has when they are young is different from the one they have as they grow old. The skin continues to wrinkle as we become old. Apart from age, there other agents that damage the skin and cause premature aging of the skin such as ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight, and also pollution from the surroundings. However, trying out the following home remedies can help you have a beautiful and glowing skin.

Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables

These foods contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. They also carry antioxidants that help to ensure that the skin cells remain healthy. You will only have a glowing skin if you include these nutrients in your diet. Citrus fruits also help to eradicate dead skin cells. You can take few slices of these citrus fruits and rub them against the skin.

Taking a lot of water

It is always advisable to drink eight glasses of water, not only for your diet but also for your skin. Sometimes wrinkles on the skin could be a sign of dehydration. Water ensures that your body is hydrated thus maintaining healthy skin.

You can also splash cold water on your skin every time you feel tired or stressed. Cold water constricts blood vessels thus making the skin firm. Cold water also increases blood flow to the skin and causes the skin to glow.

Getting enough rest and sleep

It is recommended to get asleep for at least eight hours a day. Some people are too caught up in a busy schedule and end up getting very little rest. If you observe carefully, such people have very unhealthy looking skin. Enough rest and sleep is a significant contributor to the healthy glowing skin.

Using honey

You can improve your skin naturally by the use of honey. Honey greatly helps to protect the skin from inflammation and also blemishes. This is because of honey’s anti-bacterial properties. Using honey on a daily basis even helps to soften and smoothen the skin. However, not all types of honey are effective. The most recommended one is the Active Manuka Honey.

A mixture of milk and water

Using the mixture of milk and water to take a bath can do wonders on your skin. This is what queens used to do in the past. For best results, soak your whole body in the mixture for some time and let the skin cells absorb the moisture. Milk, just like honey, is a natural skin cleanser. It will open up the clogged skin pores and give the skin an instant glow.

Use of water and tea leaves

You can conduct the detoxification process at home. Tea is an antioxidant. This process requires you to soak the tea leaves in water for some time. You can then wash your face and other parts of the skin with the water. This way, you will be transferring the antioxidants from the tea leaves to the water and to the skin. The detoxification process helps to inhibit the oxidation of the skin cells in the body.

Using cold crushed cucumbers

After you have crushed the cucumbers, apply them on your skin. It helps to hydrate the skin cells and makes your skin glow. The natural nutrients of cucumber cool the skin and soften it.

Rubbing ice on your skin

This is a practical home remedy for a glowing skin. It should be done before going to sleep. The ice will prevent the skin pores from enlarging. As long as the pores are minimized, the cells will remain awake. This increases the freshness of the skin.

Using natural skin care products

One way of getting a young and healthy skin is using natural skin care products in the morning and late in the evening before you go to bed. These natural skin care products can be found at any local pharmacy and skin care store. They contain skin moisturizers and antioxidants. These constituents work by eliminating the free radicals that cause the skin to age. If these free radicals are not taken care of on time, they can cause damage to the skin cells.

Oat-egg mask

Applying this mixture on your face moisturizes and purifies the skin. The oat pulls out the dirt from the skin while the egg nourishes and moisturizes it. What you need to do is to mix a raw egg with oatmeal. Use the constituency to make a mask.

Moisturizing avocado

Avocado is an excellent remedy for the skin because it has a lot of healthy fats. It moisturizes the skin without blocking the pores. Blend a ripe avocado with little olive oil and use the mixture on the skin. This home remedy is recommended mostly for the people with dry skin.

Good skin is an indicator of good health. Follow a proper diet and exercise regularly. Also, practice high levels of hygiene. The good thing about these home remedies is that do not have any side effects. Use them as many times as you can and have a skin that you can be proud of.

7 Amazing Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Do you want to know the best home remedies for a sore throat? Sore throats are common among people. They are uncomfortable and painful, which means you need to know how to deal with them while at home. Keep in mind that a sore throat occurs as a result of the pharynx’s inflammation, which is the tube extending from your mouth’s back to the esophagus. The main reasons for this condition include smoking, dry air, acid reflux, irritants such as pollution and bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Additional causes are shouting or some types of allergic reactions. Common colds, stomach ache, headaches and swollen glands in your neck may accompany the sore throat. In this informative post, we’ll look at natural home remedies for sore throat in detail.

1. Lemon

One of the best ways to treat sore throat is by using fresh lemons since they help you to remove mucus. For instance, you can use hot lemonade along with honey. That’s by mixing one teaspoon of honey and juice from a half a lemon. Ensure you sip it slowly. Another option is by gargling with lemon juice (freshly squeezed) diluted with some warm water in equal amounts. You can also choose to sprinkle pepper and salt over a half a lemon and slowly lick it.

2. Salt Water

Another way to cure sore throat is by choosing to gargle with salt water. That’s because salt acts as an antiseptic and draws water from the throat’s mucus membranes. The result is phlegm is cut, which reduces inflammation, ensuring you get instant relief. For you to get the right amount of salt water, pour half a teaspoon of salt into warm water. In the case you don’t prefer the salty taste, add some honey. Proceed to gargle the solution but don’t swallow it. Spit the water after gargling and repeat the process at least three times a day for the best outcome.

3. Cinnamon

If the sore throat is as a result of a common cold, you should use cinnamon. The process involves adding a teaspoon of black pepper powder and cinnamon powder into a glass of boiled water. You may also choose to add cardamom. Strain the resulting solution and gargle it at least two times a day. Another option is to mix some drops of cinnamon oil along with one teaspoon of pure honey. Drink it at least two times a day to ensure you get relief from the inflammation and pain caused by the sore throat.

4. Apple Cider (Vinegar)

APPLE CIDER (VINEGAR) has antibacterial properties, which means it’s an excellent home remedy for treating sore throat. For you to come up with the best solution, add one teaspoon each of honey, lemon and APPLE CIDER (VINEGAR) and drink it slowly. You should drink the solution at two times a day to enable you to get cure from the inflammation and pain caused by a sore throat. You can also choose to make a solution of boiled water, one teaspoon of salt and an equivalent one of APPLE CIDER (VINEGAR) and then gargle it at least four times a day.

5. Garlic

Garlic is ideal for treating or preventing sore throats. You can choose to consume uncooked GARLIC CLOVE. The reason is it releases allicin (a chemical) which helps to kill bacteria that may be the cause of the sore throat. You can decide to use garlic oil by adding a few drops to (one fourth) of a cup of water and gargle the resulting solution once daily. In the case that you cannot take raw or cooked garlic, you can choose to take garlic pills

6. Honey

Honey has amazing antibacterial qualities which help in fighting sore throat infections and speeding up the healing process. Another benefit of honey is that it acts as a (hypertonic osmotic), meaning it draws water from the inflamed tissue and reduces swelling. The best way to get the ideal solution is by mixing two tablespoons of honey into a cup of how water and drinking it several times in a day. In the case you prefer having herbal tea; you can add honey to it. During the night, consuming one teaspoon of honey will provide you with relief and assist you to sleep.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is another home remedy for treating a sore throat. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which enables you to get relief. For you to get relief, pour turmeric powder, one-quarter teaspoon, into a glass of boiled water. You should drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and repeat the process daily for three days for the best outcome.


Getting rid of a sore throat should be easy using the above 7 home remedies. They are simple solutions that will take a short time to prepare and make you feel better. However, if the sore throat persists for more than three days, make sure you consult your doctor.

5 Home Remedies for Head Ache

One challenging health problem is a head ache. The most common types are the migraines that cause aching pain or throbbing on one side of your head and tension headache which causes dull pain on both sides of your head and throbbing pain on the forehead. The best way to deal with chronic headaches is by managing them with home remedies instead of taking painkillers. Remember that chronic headaches can be triggered by many factors, including, weather changes, stress, food and hormones. However, these triggers will only hurt you if you’re genetically disposed.

Painkillers may work initially, but if you’re a chronic sufferer, you will develop tolerance, meaning you will have to take more of these pills. It may reach a point where if you don’t take the medicine, headaches will occur, an occurrence known as rebound headaches. Home remedies ensure you avoid this condition. Genetic chronic headaches are as a result of serotonin deficiency, which cause changes in the physiology of pain receptors, blood vessels and other elements in our brain to produce a headache. Below we look at 5 best home remedies for headaches.

1. Chamomile, Lavender or Peppermint Oil for (Tension Headache)

For a tension headache, you should remember the primary objective is to relax your blood vessels. You can achieve that by applying lavender, chamomile or peppermint oils externally or by inhaling them using steam. Add one drop of any of these essential oils into two drops of olive, almond or any carrier oil.

You should then mix the solution well and rub it on the affected areas. Alternatively, you sprinkle one drop of any of these essential oils in a tissue and proceed to inhale the fragrance until it stops. Another tip is to add 3 drops of one of the above oils into a warm bath to get instant relief from tension head ache.

2. Use Ice Cubes

You can choose to use ice cubes or anything ice cold to reduce headaches. For example, you can wrap ice cubes on a reusable ice bag or cotton and use them to reduce pain. Make sure you wrap the ice cold item or ice cubes in thin cloth or paper item to protect your skin and avoid doing it continuously for more than 15 minutes to avoid damaging your skin.

The purpose of using ice cubes is to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels, which reduces pressure on the body nerves that activate the pain receptor. Apply cold ice during the early stages of a migraine, which will give a faster better head ache control and pain relief.

3. Consume Water and Fiber Foods for Headaches Caused By Constipation

One big trigger for chronic headaches is constipation, which means you should consume a balanced diet full of fiber. The reason is if you eat the right food and consume enough water, you will prevent constipation, which means you won’t suffer from headaches.

Make sure you eat plenty of grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables each day and drink a lot of water. Remember that foods such as some cheese products, fish, poultry and meat contain the chemical Tyramine, which is closely related to triggering headaches.

4. Drink Ginger Tea

One wonderful herb that cures many disease and conditions is ginger. If you’re suffering from a tension headache, you should consider drinking ginger tea, which reduces stress. For the best outcome, grate one teaspoon of clean and fresh ginger.

You should then add two liters of water and boil it with the grated ginger to make ginger tea. Ginger tea will work on your nerves are reduce stress on them, meaning relief from headaches.

5. Consume Foods Rich in Vitamin B6

Another excellent home remedy for dealing with a headache is by eating foods that contain Vitamin B6, which is important for several body functions that include proper maintenance of the immune system, nervous system and red blood cells metabolism. It also stabilizes any serotonin deficiency that can cause headaches.

Among the best sources of Vitamin B6 include fishes, nuts, sunflower seeds and Pistachio nuts. In the case you’re experiencing headaches, consume these nuts. Make sure you eat a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, nuts; fish and water to ensure you get relief.


The above home remedies for a head ache should make it easier and comfortable for you to get relief. Remember that your diet will help you in dealing with tension headaches, which means you, should ensure you consume enough water, take foods rich in Vitamin B6 and drink ginger tea. For fast relief, make sure you use ice cubes and chamomile, lavender or peppermint oil for (a tension headache).

However, if none of these home remedies works, there may be other reasons for the head ache, which means you should seek medical treatment. Avoid the urge to take painkillers, since your body may develop tolerance, which means you will need to take them continually to prevent headaches from occurring.

7 Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Are you finding it a challenge to deal with cold and flu? You may try your best to avoid the frustrating mild cold or flu with fever and the accompanying chills. Many online forums offer you advice on how to treat these conditions. However, the downside is they mostly involve over the counter pills and other medications. Keep in mind that if the fever persists or lasts for an extended period, you should consult your doctor. That’s especially if you’re experiencing rapid heartbeat, feeling weak or having breathing difficulties. In this informative post, we’ll look at 7 home remedies for cold and flu you should try.

1. Consider Taking a Hot Bath (With Some Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Ground Ginger and Essential Oils Such As Tree Oil and Lavender)

One perfect opportunity for you to take a hot bath is if you have a cold and flu. Among the things, you will need is some baking soda, Epsom salt, ground ginger and essential oils such as tree oil and lavender. You should then fill your bathtub with hot water if your body can tolerate it. Fill the tub to its half, add the ingredients and proceed to stir them using your hand. Fill the rest of the tub with hot water and submerge yourself up to your neck. Soak yourself for 20-40 minutes and shower off any residue for a minimum of 30 minutes after taking the hot bath. The result is you will feel better.

2. Consume Honey

Among the things that can accompany cold and flu are coughs and sore throats. You should use honey to reduce these symptoms since it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. By adding some honey to your lemon tea, you can reduce the pain resulting from your aching throat. Research has shown that honey is one efficient cough suppressant, which means consuming it before sleep can help you have a peaceful night. However, avoid giving honey to children less than a year old, since their immune systems are still developing. Remember honey has botulinum spores which may affect the baby.3.

3. Use Salt Rinses

Saline sprays may help in the case that your cold and flu produces thick mucus. Remember you can experience discomfort when mucus runs down your throat’ back. Saline drops also help in clearing away viral/bacterial particles from your nose. Salt rinses are safe for adults and kids. However, you should ensure you flow the instructions on the bottle. For example, spray the rinse gently into one nostril and blow it out gently after every squirt. You should repeat the process until the mucus clears.

4. Drink More Liquids, For Example, (Herbal Tea, Ginger Tea and Juices)

In the case of cold and flu, drinking plenty of liquids helps you a lot. That’s because a running nose and sweating can deplete your body’s water reserves and result in dehydration. Another benefit of consuming fluids is that it loosens the mucus in the sinuses and eases congestion. That enables your body to fight infections.

5. Drink Chicken Soup

If you are having a cold and flu, you should consume chicken soup since its one of the best home remedies. Remember it’s warm and delicious, meaning you will enjoy it. On the other hand, chicken soup with vegetables slows down neutrophils in the body, which are white blood cells that fight infection. Since they will move slower, the result is they will concentrate on areas that need healing.

6. Breathe In Some Steam

Breathing in some steam helps to clear away any congestion. The best way to go about is to fill your kitchen sink or bathroom with plenty of steam water, put a towel over your head and inhale a deeply. Consider adding some ingredients such as freshly chopped ginger, few drops of eucalyptus oil or menthol ointment to make the procedure more effective.

7. Wear Wet Socks When Going To Sleep

It may sound surprising or strange, but if want to battle cold and flu, wearing wet socks to bed will help you get relief. The reason is it will help you to clear congestion and ease fever by attracting blood to your feet, which means that blood circulation will improve. The best way is to soak your feet in warm water, and the then put thin cotton soaks in the cold water, and then wring them out before wearing. You can also choose to wear dry wool socks over the wet ones for comfort.


Dealing with cold and flu while at home should be easier using the above 7 home remedies. Over the counter medications may help you. However, your body may develop tolerance in the longer run, which means you should try these home remedies to prevent such occurrences. Make sure you seek medical advice if the illness persists for an extended period. For example, if you feel weak, experience breathing difficulties or having a rapid heartbeat, you should ensure you contact your doctor.

7 Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Dandruff

When it comes to dealing with dandruff, many people find it a challenge. Keep in mind dandruff is a sign of the shedding of the skin and varies season to season, the worst being during the winter season. This condition causes itching and white flakes, which are visible on black clothes and are embarrassing. Among the causes of dandruff are dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis skin conditions. If your hair is sensitive to hair care products, you may experience the occurrence of dandruff. In this informative article, we look at 7 home remedies to get rid of dandruff

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is one home remedy for treating dry and itchy skin. That’s because it helps to kill dandruff-causing bacteria and fungus. This product contains some acidic content which helps in reducing flaking. The best way to use vinegar is by applying an equal mixture of white vinegar with water on the affected skin area. That’s around 30 minutes before washing your head. However, remember that if dandruff persists, you should seek professional medical help.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-acne medicinal qualities, which means it has the power to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Remember that these infections may result in the shedding of the skin, meaning you should use it to treat dandruff. For the best outcome, add at least one drop of tea tree oil to your normal shampoo and wash as usual. The result will be a reduction or complete riddance of dandruff.

3. Aloe Vera

Another excellent home remedy for dandruff is Aloe Vera. This plant has cooling properties and exfoliates your skin mildly as a result of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. However, you should ensure you extract it directly from the Aloe Vera plant itself. That will enable you to enjoy the thick and transparent consistency. You can apply it on your scalp and then wash it off using anti-dandruff medication or mild and normal shampoo. That will assist you to calm down irritation on the scalp and get relief from any inflammation.

4. Garlic

Garlic cloves may have a pungent and strong smell, which means many people tend to overlook its medicinal qualities when it comes to treating dandruff. However, you should remember garlic is a natural product with anti-fungal properties. That means it’s beneficial to our bodies when crushed or uncooked. Remember for medical conditions, you should avoid cooking garlic. For the best mixture, crush at least a pound of garlic and mix with water, you should then apply the mixture to your scalp for fast results. To deal with its strong smell, you can mix the solution with ginger or honey.

5. Neem

You may be aware of the importance of Neem extracts play when it comes to healing with skin conditions such as dandruff. The reason is it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which means you should consider it as a home remedy. Remember dandruff can occur as a result of the scalp being colonized by fungal. That means you should consider using Neem. However, you should make sure you use extremely diluted Neem, for example, one that’s boiled in water. That will avoid instances of further irritating the skin.

6. Baking Soda

You can use baking soda as a shrub since it enables you to exfoliate your scalp in a gentle way without causing irritation. It also removes dead skin cells. Bear in mind exfoliation is important as it ensures there is no flake buildup which can make dandruff become more visible. Another reason to use baking soda is it has anti-fungal properties and soothes the scalp, which reduces itching and redness.

7. Avoid Oiling Your Hair for Long Periods or Letting It Sit On the Scalp for Long

It’s important to know that oiling your hair for long periods and maintaining it results in more dandruff buildup. That means if you have an itchy scalp, applying more oil will make your dandruff condition worse. For instance, if you let it sit on the scalp for long, you will only be making the condition worse.


Dealing with dandruff should be a smooth and faster experience using the above informative post. Remember the above home remedies have been proven to work, which means you should try them during the initial stages of dandruff occurrence. In the event that this condition persists, you should seek professional medical advice.

Top 5 Home Remedies To Help You Lower High Blood Pressure

Did you know that the age adjusted prevalence of hypertension among adults in the US was 29.1% from 2011 to 2012?

According to CDC, the prevalence of hypertension among men and women was close to 1/3. Researchers were able to find out that the prevalence increased as one aged and it was highest among the elderly. It was also discovered that nearly 83% of adults in the US were aware that they had hypertension. 76% of the affected adults were under medication while 52% were under control.

By looking at the statistics above, you can now fully understand how dangerous hypertension is. The good news is that you can fight it early and prevent the condition from escalating as well as ensuring a healthy lifestyle throughout.

Want to know how?

Here are the top 5 home remedies to help you lower your hypertension.

Lower your salt intake

Salt is readily available in processed and home cooked meals. It is not uncommon to find that a certain meal has a high quantity of salt and the consumer is not aware. What most people don’t know is that intake of high quantities of salt sparks high blood pressure.


Ever wondered how consuming a lot of junk foods rich in saturated fats plus soft drinks rich in sugar results in hypertension? Well, it’s almost the same gist. While fat narrows the blood vessels leading to blood pressure, consuming a lot of salt results in the kidney holding more water. The extra water stored in the body raises your blood pressure.

As a result, your kidneys, heart, arteries and brain are placed under strain. The good news is that you can fight this condition by reducing salt intake. Avoid foods that contain high levels of sodium. Additionally, you should avoid consuming “raw” salt. Always ensure that table salt is added in the meal during preparation.

Remember to read the label before consuming the food. Much of the salt we consume comes from familiar sources that we assume.

Consume foods rich in potassium:

Potassium is one of the most underrated mineral. What a vast majority of people don’t know is that potassium helps your muscles to contract, helps to regulate your body fluids, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Additionally, it has been found to help in the transmission of impulses as well as playing a huge role in maintaining your cardiovascular health.

Potassium deficiency has the following effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Mood changes
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

As a key mineral in the body, it helps to lower hypertension by balancing out the negative effects brought about by salt. This is done in conjunction with the kidneys which help to control the amount of fluid available in the body.

To ensure that your body is nourished by the recommended levels of potassium (4,700 mg for adults), you need to incorporate the following foods in your meals: Avocado, winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, halibut, white beans, broccoli, cantaloupe, banana, pork tenderloin, salmon, lentils, raisins and pistachios among others.

Lower your caffeine intake

If you have ever downed a cup of Joe, then you have exposed your body to caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that is known to speed up your central nervous system. As the world’s most popular drug, it can be found in tea, chocolate and cola soft drinks among others. Apart from speeding up your nervous system, caffeine causes anxiety, insomnia, stomach upset and restlessness.

It can also cause a dramatic rise in your blood pressure. This is true even for those who don’t have hypertension. According to medical researchers, caffeine can block a hormone known to keep the arteries wide. Apart from that, it can lead to the release of more adrenaline by affecting your adrenal glands. This results in high blood pressure.

Some researchers discovered that high blood pressure is common for first-time coffee drinkers and not regular drinkers. That is why young people are sensitive to caffeine. Despite that, it’s wise to lower your intake of caffeine if you want to prevent high blood pressure.

Talk with your doctor to know if you should limit or stop caffeine intake. It is also wise to avoid caffeine prior to performing strenuous activities such as exercises and weight lifting.

Limit your alcohol intake:

Some researchers have found out that regular consumption of alcohol results in the increase of blood pressure. What you ought to know is that the increase in blood pressure is approx. 1mmHg for every 10 g of alcohol consumers. With abstinence and reduction of alcohol intake, this can be reversed within a period of 2 to 4 weeks. It is important to understand that the increase in blood pressure happens irrespective of the type of alcohol consumed.

If the condition is left unchecked, it will result in heart failure and finally, stroke and irregular heartbeats. Apart from that, consuming too much alcohol contributes to cancer, obesity, high triglycerides, suicide, accidents and alcoholism. To ensure a healthy lifestyle, lower your alcohol intake.

Lower your stress levels:

Is your job or family contributing to increased stress levels? What about your financial, marital or even sexual problems? If you are experiencing increased stress levels, then you need to manage it. Stress has been found to be a key contributor of high blood pressure. Not only can it result in a temporary spike, it can result in long term high blood pressure.

When in a stressful situation, your body produces more hormones. These hormones increase your blood pressure temporarily. As a result, your heart will beat faster since your blood vessels have narrowed. Causes of stress include divorce, financial problems, emotional problems, chronic illness and the death of a loved among others.

To reduce stress, start working out, smile, get social support, meditate and take a break from the source of your stress.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The top 5 home remedies to help you lower your blood pressure. What you ought to know is that there is no quick fix for high blood pressure. You have to continuously monitor the type of food you eat, the type of beverage you consume and other lifestyle choices. Don’t forget to consult your doctor every now and then. He or she is well positioned to monitor your condition properly as well as advice on measures to take to ensure your high blood pressure returns to normal range.